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Tournament start date 05th Feb 2022

SPORTS ENERGY T10 Knockout Night Cricket Tournament at Rajkot, Gujarat

Registrations are open till 20th Jan 2022.
Hurry and join for the best ever tournament at Rajkot, Gujrat.


In today’s time, there is so much rush that people find it difficult to find time. Especially for cricket lovers, it becomes more difficult. In such a situation, knockout cricket tournament T10 has been kept, in which more entertainment can be found in work time.

SPORTS ENERGY T10 Knockout tournament is a type of elimination tournament where the loser of each match is immediately eliminated from the tournament. Each winner will play in the next round until the final match-up, the winner of which becomes the tournament champion. Each match-up can be one or several matches. The defeated contestants may play no further roles after the loss, with the final single-elimination final stage, often called the playoffs.

This T10 will be played at night so that no sports lover will suffer in any way and they will be able to maintain their daily routine as well as they will be able to have good entertainment.

VENUE – GYM Khana, Shastri Maidan, Trikon Baug, Rajkot, Gujrat.



RULES 10-overs-a-side
Each team can bowl a maximum of 10 over’s, which results in batsmen attacking right from the first ball. T10 gives very little time for batsmen to settle down and demands new strategies and an aggressive approach in order to get a decent total on the scoreboard, thus adding to the thrill and excitement.

Each team must complete their quota of 10 over’s in 45 minutes.

Two over’s per bowler
No bowler can bowl more than two over’s in an innings. This gives bowlers little room for error and less time for variations or set the batsmen up. But it also means batsmen get fewer opportunities to attack a specific bowler and score runs, resulting in a fair fight between the batting and bowling sides.

Minimum over
If it were to rain or in case of any interruptions that should curtail the match time, the result can still be decided provided each side can play 5 over each.

Power play for 3 over’s
Field restrictions are implemented to make the game more interesting by giving batsmen a chance to unleash their muscles at the start of the game. For the first two over’s, the bowling side can only deploy two fielders outside the 30-yard circle. Additionally, at the discretion of the batsmen at the crease, another power play — called the floating power play — can be taken at any time from the third to the ninth over. In non-power play over’s, up to five fielders can be deployed outside the 30-yard circle.

Super Over
In case of a tie in a playoffs match – Qualifier and Eliminator – and the Final, there will be a Super Over to break the deadlock. Each team will get one over to score as many runs, with two wickets in hand. The team which scores the maximum runs in their allotted six balls wins the match. In case the Super Over in a playoffs match ends in a tie, the team that is placed higher in the group stages is declared the winner. However, it’s different for the Final, where Super Over will continue until a winner emerges.

“Fiber Bat & Action throw balling is not allowed”.


1) In case of violations the SPORTS ENERGY is entitled to disqualify the team / players from the tournament.
2) The decision of the UMPIRE will be the final verdict.
3) The registrations are not on first come first serve basis. SPORTS ENERGY has a complete right and authority on allocation of the registered teams.
4) Player’s registered under one team can’t be able to participate from another team during the period of tournament.
5) Every team/ player has to follow tournament schedule. In case if the team/Player is found not following the tournament schedule then sports energy has full authority to remove them from playoffs without any refunds.
6) The management of Sports Energy will inform all registered teams one week prior in advance of the tournament schedule.
7) During the Match, all disputes at the time of play will resolved/decided through the Umpires and Match Referee.
8) The Registration Amount is non Refundable in any Circumstances. For Team Registration it is INR 8000/- and for Individual registration it is INR 1500/-
9) In case of following incident, the date of the match can be extended / postponed.
     A) In case of whether problem.
     B) Accidental on accident.
     C) Technical issues ETC.
     D) Covid Restrictions
10) In case of any accident during the playoffs, then SPORTS ENERGY will only provide assistance but the responsibility of the accident and injury will be on the player own self.
11) If for any reason the competition is being canceled by SPORTS ENERGY the registration amount will be refunded.
12) The prize money paid by the SPORTS ENERGY can be changed if sufficient team is not registered.
13) The players will be banned or ousted from the game it found using/doing following:
     A) Showing inappropriate behavior.
     B) Keeping of drugs or similar to that type is illegal and punishable offence.
     C) No sportsmanship or using of abusive language.
     D) Found under the influence of illegal substance i.e drugs or similar to  that type.
15) Players who are vaccinated can only apply.
16) In case of covid – 19 restrictions the tournament will be postponed.

Tournament start date 05th Feb 2022

SPORTS ENERGY T10 Knockout Night Tournament at Rajkot, Gujarat

Registrations are open till 20th Jan 2022.
Hurry and join for the best ever tournament at Rajkot, Gujrat.


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